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The anatomy of the shirt.

Sewing, cutting, and basting, one button at a time, and then sewing again.

When you wear an ISAIA shirt you feel the tradition, care and skill required to make it. The shirt sleeve drops as smoothly as espresso coffee flowing into a cup. The buttons slip into the button holes as naturally as the sea enters the harbor. Just as the narrow streets of Naples surround visitors with rich history and beauty, our shirts envelope the body with traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship and style.The man in an ISAIA shirt hears, “You’re wearing an exquisite shirt.”
Gianluca Isaia



Each ISAIA dress shirt takes an individual tailor over two hours to produce. Fabrics are painstakingly vetted and cut. Collars are attached by hand. Buttons and buttonholes are individually sewn. Piece by piece, our expert craftspeople create beautiful garments that reflect our rich sartorial heritage in every stitch.

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Each dress shirt takes an individual craftsman over two hours to produce.

Camp Collar Shirt

Each dress shirt takes an individual craftsman over two hours to produce.


  • The collar is stitched by hand at a 60°/90° angle to prevent slipping.
  • The armhole is basted and sewn by hand.
  • The placket is stitched to ensure lasting integrity.
  • Buttons are hand sewn with a coral-shaped stitch.
  • The sleeve gauntlet features a hand-stitched tab to prevent tearing.
  • Cuffs are sewn internally and externally.
  • Buttonholes are hand-cut and sewn for precise positioning.
  • A hand-stitched triangle connects the front to the back of the shirt.
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons.

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